MFA (2003) University of Chicago

Life Drawing, Anatomy and Fundamentals Instructor:
American Academy of Art, Chicago

Figure drawing instructor: Evanston Art Center


I paint, draw, print, and teach.

I juxtapose figures, birds and geometric patterns that are unified in a harmonious color palette influenced by nature.

My Palette is infused with colors derived from nature. I’m inspired by sage-green lichen on rocks and trees. In my work, there are notes of copper, mint, ochre, and brick red. Through gestural brush strokes and inventive mark making, I convey the effects of patina (oxidized copper.)

My intent is to show the beauty of decay. Layers of time and memories peel away. The figures I paint are timeless: their distant, dream-like expressions convey a contemplative and quiet aura. Occasionally, they are engulfed by a misty atmosphere.

Although my paintings aren’t literal self portraits, they are proxies for myself. Occasionally, I will deviate from the human figure and work with bird imagery. Birds hover above the concerns of everyday life; they are a link to the heavens. Their migration patterns are analogous to my childhood; my mother and I relocated often.

Thus, I juxtapose birds with the figure to communicate universal themes such as the transience of life, the persistence of time, and the relationship between humans and nature. However, such contemplative arrangements deal not only with metaphorical content, but also address formal concerns through a sensitive rendering of surface and design elements.

Painting and drawing enables me to function as a conduit---the direct experience allows me to project my emotions onto a 2D picture plane.

Although I'm primarily a figurative painter, I also experiment with metaphorical subjects.

I make art because it enables me to return to a still, orderly place where I can retreat from the chaotic world. I have tapped into the therapeutic aspects of making art: in this space, I can set my own perameters and calm my mind.