I paint, draw, and teach.

I juxtapose figures, animals and patterns. They are unified in a harmonious color palette influenced by nature. I’m inspired by sage-green lichen on rocks and trees. In my work, there are notes of copper, mint, ochre, and brick red. Through gestural brush strokes and inventive mark making, I convey the effects of time. Layers of memories peel away. The images I paint are timeless, distant, and dream-like. Contemplative, quiet auras emerge from misty atmospheres.

At times, I render animals, birds in particular. They hover above the concerns of everyday life and are a link to the heavens. Their migration patterns are analogous to my childhood; my mother and I relocated often. I am particularly interested in how animals behave in ways analogous to humans.

My work communicates universal themes such as the transience of life, the persistence of time, and the relationship between humans and nature. However, such contemplative arrangements deal not only with metaphorical content, but also address formal concerns through a sensitive rendering of surface and design elements.