Cupcake with Sprinkles, Oil on canvas board, 2021

Making art is my daily ritual that enables me to see on a deeper level. I perceive subtle shifts in light, such as reflections in a glass, or minute flecks of color on a candy wrapper.

I have a myopic perspective, and try to capture the little things in my work that others tend to gloss over. As an artist, my goal is to help people to slow down and see the complex minutiae all around us. Otherwise, we are rushing through life and missing all of these brilliant little miracles.

My trompe l'oeil approach has been developed over years of practice. Although I went to art school, I have mostly taught myself how to paint through trial and error. I have been painting for as long as I can remember.

The role of art in my life has always been to escape chaos and find order in the laws of nature. I have committed myself to the study of optics, which I see as a type of meditation on light, color and texture.

At times, I use metaphors to communicate themes. Depictions of landscapes convey time passing, moods, and cycles. I tap into the rhythms of nature's seasons. I record the life cycle by rendering people’s hands as they age, or flowers as they bloom and wilt.

I hope to leave behind relics for future generations. My hypothesis is that paintings will become artifacts in our hyper-digital world.