Portfolio > Urban Cityscapes

Olhao, Portugal
Oil on canvas
14" h by 11" w
Rush Hour
Oil on canvas, mounted on wood
11" h by 14" w
The Golden Hour
Oil on cradled gessoboard
14"h by 18"w by 1" deep
Woman at Bus Stop
Oil on Arches Oil Paper
10"h by 8"w
5 O'Clock Shadows (Davis Street)
Oil on canvas
36"h by 48"w
Geometric Rhythms
Oil painting
10 inches high by 20 inches wide. 1 inch deep
Breakfast at Ovo Frito
Oil on canvas paper
16 by 20 inches
Mustard's Last Stand
Oil on canvas
36" h by 24"w
Urban landscape
Oil on canvas
36" h by 48" w
Cal's Package Liquor
Oil on paper mounted on board
20" h by 10"w
Permeable Boundaries
Oil on Canvas
48" h by 36" w

My most recent body of work is composed of urban cityscapes. I’m attracted to colorful, semi-abstract glimpses of people moving through space. In the cityscapes I paint, I capture fleeting moments of light and color as they scatter across the picture plane. Shadow shapes merge with simplified geometric forms that occasionally collide in perspective. I take viewers on a journey down streets and sidewalks to engage them with the shadows and textures that surround them. I convey such images through fragmented skies, punctuated by umbrellas, signs, telephone poles, and wires - all indicators of the texture of life all around me. In our fast-paced world, my goal is to get people to slow down and SEE the gritty textures of the city where I live and of those where I travel.