• Space 900 Show in July, 2022

    Space 900 Show in July, 2022

    Three contemporary landscape painters (Mark Cleveland, Joseph Taylor, and Sarah Kaiser-Amaral) take us on a journey out of the everyday and into the creative mind of an artist. Viewed together, their work captures common subjects others might gloss over: the fleeting play of light as it breaks over an edge, subtle colors in reflections, and pedestrians rushing by. While each artist takes on the rough, gritty textures of underpasses, back alleys, and iconic weathered signage, they are distinguished by their unique approach. Joe has a direct and painterly style, while Mark’s more traditional underpainting and glazing techniques are reminiscent of stained glass. Sarah’s focus is on street art and hard-edged geometric forms. In their combined exhibition this July at Space 900 in Evanston, these artists invite the viewer to slow down, pause and reflect—--to take a second glance and embrace the everyday.

  • Drop in class sessions

    Drop in class sessions

    I teach open sessions in my studio at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, I offer a painting and drawing class. For more information, please visit the website: www.studio215.org